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Jean-Marc de Pas


Intervening on a site is not a neutral action. Creation enters into a dialogue with the site's vocation, its history and the formal elements - landscape, architecture - that make it up. It is an addition and, in this sense, must find its coherence in the eyes of the people who live in this space. The artist integrates a set of specifications to produce a poetic gesture that goes beyond the materiality of the work. A work of art can add a soul to a space (Jean-Marc de Pas).

Jean-Marc de Pas, sculptor, was born in Rouen in 1962. He holds a doctorate in art and art science from the Beaux-arts de Paris and the Ecole Boulle, and opened his studio in 1989 in Bois-Guilbert, Normandy.

In his work, he seeks harmony of line, grace and the expression of an inner state.

A landscape artist at heart, he sees outdoor sculpture as part of a whole.

At the age of 21, he was given a place with a very special charm, and found the space of freedom that allowed him to express his relationship with the universe. His dream was a large sculpture garden, for which he designed the plans and planted the trees.

Seventy of his works mark out a poetic and symbolic promenade celebrating life and nature.

Jean-Marc de Pas

I live in a land,


I should say,

I am inhabited by a land.

A land of childhood,

A land of asylum.

I grew there like a tree,

And my fingers,

now roots,

delve into the depths of the soil.

I grew up in a place called "La Glos".

Old village folk,

say it means "clay".

Clay as the original soil.

Clay, greasy earth, earth of clay.

It bore my childhood,

It shaped me.

The earth shapes men.

It took me into its bosom,

Gave me a taste for dough.

She gave me the soul of a modeler.

Extract from Jean-Marc de Pas's thesis, Le Malléable et sa pétrification, essai poétique sur une pratique sculpturale. Presse Universitaire du Septentrion, Lille.


  • Ronde des saisons, Ville de Sucy-en-Brie (94) competition, bronze, installed in March 2020 on a pond in front of the listed château
  • Les Grands Navigateurs, 10 bronze busts on the Boieldieu Bridge, Rouen
  • 27 bronze busts of the great navigators and conquerors of air and space, MATMUT headquarters in Rouen, December 2010
  • Basilique Sainte-Clotilde, Paris 7: High-relief, portrait of Saint Thomas More, in 2011 and high-relief on John Paul II in 2012 - Bronze copy installed at the Institution Jean-Paul II in Rouen in 2014
  • Les trois sources, City of Forges-les-Eaux
  • The wolf, Agglomération de Rouen, Ville de Canteleu
  • William the Conqueror, City of Bois-Guillaume
  • Eole, Communauté de communes du Douaisis, and the Ecales mill in Seine-Maritime
  • Standing work by Abbé Pierre, bronze, H 1.80m, Fondation Abbé Pierre pour le logement, Paris
  • Les moulières, and numerous portraits of personalities, City of Honfleur
  • Series of portraits of Impressionist painters (20 bronze busts)
  • Tribute to civilian victims of the Second World War, Site V1 at Ardouval
  • Virgin and Child, Abbey cloister at Saint-Martin de Boscherville
  • Les femmes des cinq continents created in public during the Armada 2008 on the quays of Rouen
  • Les quatre saisons, Ville de Barentin, Centre d'art contemporain du château de St Pierre de Varengeville.