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The garden

Founded 400 years ago by Charles Le Pesant, cousin of Pierre and Thomas Corneille's mother and ancestor of Jean-Marc de Pas, the Bois-Guilbert estate has remained in the family ever since.

The childhood home of 17th-century economist Pierre Le Pesant de Boisguilbert, it was also the site of one of Europe's first pony clubs, founded by Louis de Pas in the 1960s.

Receiving the family château at the age of 21, landscape sculptor Jean-Marc de Pas designed a vast poetic space to honor his motherland and celebrate his passion for nature and sculpture. Between 1988 and 1995, he carried out the main landscaping and planting work, transforming the former agricultural estate into a landscaped garden, forming a setting for 70 of his works, which underline the themes of each space.

The Sculpture Garden was born of the marriage of Art, Nature and Heritage. Over the past thirty years, almost 10,000 trees and shrubs have been planted on 7 hectares of land. The project is run with the help of an association whose aim is to open up and share the Garden with as many people as possible, and welcomes you all year round.