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Events and workshops

 Our aim is to introduce the public to the history of the site, to nature and to art, and to enable everyone to explore their creative potential. 

At the same time, we are keen to preserve the peace and quiet of the site, for the sake of the quality of life and visits on site, for our staff, our guests and our visitors, so we reserve our welcome for groups and families wishing to access the site, while respecting this harmony on the site.

We welcome groups all year round, each season bringing its own charms and interests. For school and extra-curricular groups, we can support all types of artistic and cultural projects: day outings, mini-stays/art classes (39-bed group gite, approved by Jeunesse et sport, Education nationale, from age 6 upwards), projects over several sessions in the garden throughout the year.


For adult groups, we recommend a guided tour of the garden with one of the Garden's cultural mediators, or a personalized welcome by Jean-Marc and/or Stéphanie de Pas followed by a self-guided tour, and a visit to the workshop with a meeting with Jean-Marc de Pas if available (formula: full guided tour).

For a great day out in our Normandie Caux Vexin destination, we recommend

  • good restaurants nearby in Buchy or Ry, or a little further afield in Frichemesnil, Rouen, Forges-Les-Eaux or Lyons-La-Forêt; you can also plan to picnic on site in one of the garden rooms, weather permitting.
  • an introductory modeling workshop on site
  • our destination's wealth of parks and gardens: from west to east, north of Rouen, the sculpture park of the Daniel Havis contemporary art center at the Château de Saint-Pierre de Varengeville, the park of the Château de Bosmelet, the Parc de Clères, the Jardin Agapanthe, the Jardins de Bellevue, the Jardin du Mesnil, the Jardin de Valérianes, the park of the Château de Bois-Héroult, the sculpture park of the Château de Vascoeuil, the Jardin retrouvé of the Château de Martainville, the Jardin Plume and the gardens of Angélique (https://www.

For school and after-school groups, we recommend a full day on site, with a morning activity between 10am and 12pm and an afternoon activity between 1pm and 3pm. Schools generally opt for the complete package, with a garden discovery tour adapted to the age of the children, and a model-making or land-art workshop.

  • Self-guided tours, Guided tours, Garden discovery trail - treasure hunt, observation trail, nature trail or orienteering trail
  • Introductory modeling or land-art workshops.

A picnic shelter is available in case of bad weather. Allow 1h30 to 2h per workshop (full or half day). 

For families, we offer an experience of visit and creative workshop, in small groups, for a moment of well-being and discovery, a walk conducive to daydreaming, followed by a time of creation on a place of inspiration. Allow 3 hours on site if possible. By appointment or registration (online ticketing).

For birthday parties, we can accommodate small groups of children in the garden. If you think it's possible for your child's birthday party to be held on the site in a calm atmosphere, don't hesitate to ask us! We regularly welcome children for poetic and artistic birthdays!

Photographie des jardins du château de Bois-Guilbert et de quelques enfants qui jouent


Adult groups

Rates for groups of 15 or more, free for group leader and driver.

  • 10€ guided tour of the garden and temporary exhibitions
  • 15€ full guided tour with additional visit to the workshop and meeting with Jean-Marc de Pas

Groups with children and young people

Rates for groups of 15 or more, free for accompanying adults.

  • 8€ half-day on site with a discovery tour, or full day self-guided tour
  • 10€ full day with guided tour
  • 12€ full day open visit plus workshop
  • 14€ pedagogical day plus workshop
  • 16€ full day guided tour plus workshop
  • Educational pack sent to teachers and group leaders on request.
  • Treasure hunt: you can add your own treasures.

Families or small groups

  • On request: creative workshops 60€ for 4 people, 80€ for 6 people, etc.
  • 85€ Normandy Experience for 4 people with a cultural mediator: visit with personalized welcome and modeling workshop. 105€ for 6 people.
  • 125€ Normandy Experience for 4 people with Jean-Marc de Pas, sculptor, creator of the garden: visit with personalized welcome and modeling workshop. 145€ for 6 people.

Birthday parties

Recommended number of children: 5 to 15.

We organize entertainment, and you provide the snacks. A room is at your disposal. Treasure hunt: you can add your own treasures. Workshop: children leave with their sculpture.

  • 90€ treasure hunt
  • 150€ self-guided tour and modeling workshop
  • 190€ treasure hunt and modeling


For school and after-school groups: 

Beforehand, look for accompanying adults who are keen to ensure that the children under their responsability are properly supervised on the site, both for their safety (water points) and to ensure that they respect the peace and quiet on the site as well as the works of art and the plants. 

The quote indicates the recommented number of accompanying adults: please form teams before coming. 

In the coach, we recommend that you introduce them to the Garden, make them aware of the poetic nature of the site and the need for calm, so that they can enjoy the day, observe, feel, discover and explore their creativity. 

Welcoming people with disabilities: 

The Sculpture Garden is open to all. We regularly welcome people with disabilities. We are committed to offering you the best possible welcome and to adapting to your needs wherever possible. 

Visually impaired: you can gently touch the sculptures on display as you explore the garden. 

Hearing impaired: the park is safe and signposted, so you can find your way around regularly. 

Motor disabilities: we regularly welcome people with reduced mobility. The garden is easily accessible, except in wet weather (grass garden), particularity in the "pond and its island" area, the entrance to the "cosmos garden" and the "chessboard of human feelings", where the ground can be loose and slippery. A map is available at reception. Access to the château's lounges is planned, with a ramp at the back and adapted facilities (planned). 

For the mentally handicapped: our mediator regularly welcome small groups from specialised establishments and adapt the tours accordingly. We recommend taking part in an introductory modelling workshop, an ideal way to discover sculpture in a different, sensory and gentle way.